Keldhurst is a small town relative to its strategic and economic importance in Isendom. It is situated on the River Drerron, profiting from the lucrative mineral and textile trade coming downriver from Ebonscar and Ishna. The peaks of Riften stand on the northern horizon, a looming reminder that Keldhurst is the northernmost settlement in Queen Deneza’s realm, and therefore most directly under threat of marauding orcs. For generations, the dragonborn militocracy has stood as a bulwark against Mūkh Brâzd’ūl, but rumors of war and increased orc sightings south of Demna have spread disquiet and unease across the Isen Valley.

Early in the Year of Three Ships Sailing, the Landgrave of Keldhurst, Gaspard Perceval, invited adventurers and heroes from across Faerûn to a prestigious tournament. The champions would win a small fortune and become the Landgrave’s retainers, dedicated to protecting and defending Keldhurst against any and all threats. The Brotherhood of Valor arrived in Keldhurst in the midst of these troubled times to compete in the tournament.

Little did they know that the tournament was part of an evil plot to gather and assassinate the realm’s adventurers, and that a fiendish usurper named Zithick Rotheart was masquerading as the Landgrave. In less than a tenday, the Brotherhood won the tournament, uncovered the bone devil’s treachery, and restored peace and order to the town, but not before Zithick and his orcs had ambushed and murdered a number of tournament contestants.

Important Locals

  • The Lady Emelina succeeded her late father as the Landgrave of Keldhurst with the support of the townsfolk.
  • Angelo Riviera, also known as The Mountebank, is betrothed to the Lady and has converted much of his former thieves’ guild to serve as the town guard.
  • Jurist Corbinian serves as the priest at the local Shrine of the Scepter. Officially, the shrine is dedicated to Amaunator, but thanks to extraordinary events has secretly converted to the Dawn Heretics, a religious remnant that remains faithful to Lathander in spite of the Risen Sun Heresy.
  • Legate Drenwal commands a detachment of Knights of Day stationed at the Sun Garrison. His perspective on the attempted usurpation and the transition of power in Keldhurst is as-yet unknown.
  • Reeve Pascal is a local administrator who worked under Gaspard Perceval for years. He likely to chafe under Emelina’s new authority, and most certainly has no liking for the Mountebank.


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  1. The Snoring Mushroom.
  2. The Confident Lyre.
  3. The Anvil’s Song.
  4. Wynn’s Rings.
  5. The Wrinkled Apothecary.
  6. Zonathan’s Arcane Powers.
  7. The Golden Apple.
  8. Virnan the Peddler.
  9. Pilgrim’s Conveyance.
  10. Keldhurst Market.
  11. Merchant Warehouses.
  12. Reeve’s Hall.
  13. Sun Garrison.
  14. Shrine of the Scepter.
  15. The Landgrave’s Manor


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