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The Phandalin Force Five is…

Boirin Ashcloak,
Daardendrian Rhogar,
Roden Hobblebuckle,
Tellrah Hodorea,
and Torinn Delmirev.

Using Obsidian Portal


The wiki’s main page serves as a hub for the places, groups, and lore that the party comes across in their adventures. They are a great reference to spark ideas, brush up on world knowledge, or jog memories. It’s amazing how much ground we can cover in a single campaign! There’s no way (or reason) to try to hold it all in your head.

Adventure Log

The adventure log is your group journal where you keep track of your adventures. (It’s just too much for me to design and recount everything that happens!) Feel free to summarize, keep it brief, and collaborate on these. It might even be fun to write it from your characters’ point of view.


The characters hub allows you to browse and filter player and non-player characters from our campaign. This is useful for remembering, pronouncing, and spelling character names correctly. You know, not that you don’t do a great job already…

Obsidian Portal provides you with a form-fillable character sheet for you to use, or not — it’s up to you. The most important things to complete on your Player Character profile are things like your physical appearance and backstory, so that I and others can use them as a reference.


Whether you’re adding content or just browsing, tags are really useful. Character tags should include race, class, background, and location. (For instance, searching “phandalin” will bring up all NPC’s related to Phandalin.) Here are a few character tags that are sure to come in handy:

  • quest
    • if a character has a job for you, or is the focus of a quest (e.g. they need rescued, escorted, or assassinated), they’re tagged with “quest”
  • shop
    • when individual characters have things to sell you, they’re tagged with “shop”
  • stub
    • this tag applies to characters, but is used all over the wiki to flag an entry as incomplete
    • if you notice that an entry is missing or incomplete, feel free to tag it with “stub” so I can easily find it

The Usurpers of Emaroth

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